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Cooper DuBois Portland Receives Letter of Intent

Cooper DuBois Portland resident has received a letter of intent from Leaf Mobile to acquire Truly Social Games.

Top Canadian mobile group offering free-to-play games announces its intent to acquire both Expand Studio Group and Truly Social Games.

Founded by Cooper DuBois and his long-time associate and close friend Patrick Tougas, the executive level and support staff of TSG are excited to announce the letter of intent.

Truly Social Games has offices in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Portland, Oregon, and Minsk, Belarus. TSG has earned their reputation by building games that truly engage the players and developers in a meaningful way. This announcement brings excellent news to the gaming world as this will allow for more development and, of course, more state-of-the-art engaging games. 

TSG has always been known as a very hands-on company as developers constantly monitor the chatter of its user’s reviews to always look at ways to improve the gaming experience.

Cooper DuBois, a Portland resident, is proud of his team’s successes and excited about the new games they are currently working on. Their first first mobile game published, Planet Gold Rush, has gained global recognition and has 4+ star ratings in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. In addition to Planet Gold Rush, TSG has alo designed and developed Gold Mania, a casino-style slot machine game, Idle Surfing and Bomb Brawl. With these fun and easy to play enganging games on their roster, it is no wonder why LEAF Mobile, Inc. has announced their lettter of intent.


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LEAF Mobile Inc. (TSX:LEAF) is a prominent free-to-play mobile gaming group whose focus is to create engaging games that will result in enduring player loyalty. LEAF’s studio groups culture is anchored in creativity, execution, and growth through a diverse portfolio of both original and licensed mobile games. Archer: Danger Phone, Cheech & Chong Bud Farm, The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s, and Trailer Park Boys Grea$y Money are just a few of their popular games.

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, LEAF Mobile Inc specializes in free mobile games, game development, and game publishing with their games available worldwide.

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO Talks About Social Mobile Games

Cooper DuBois Portland CEO of Truly Social Games reports that many financial experts believe the mobile gaming industry will reach over $96 billion in revenue in just the next three years. By 2024, the industry will potentially see 2.3 billion global mobile gamers playing more than ten times a week. With the industry booming more than ever before, it is the job of game developers to create more engaging and highly social experiences for their users.

According to Cooper DuBois Portland CEO, social mobile games are unique because they allow a broad audience to interact with each other as they play. Having been a part of every aspect of game development, Cooper DuBois has watched the industry grow over the last three decades and understands every aspect of social mobile games, from inception to launch. A massive shift has occurred with the COVID-19 pandemic, especially related to how people interact in person and through their mobile phones.

Social mobile games allow players to interact during gameplay, which helps them be a part of a larger community even when forced to stay at home. There are just a few critical functions that gamers are looking for in the newest and most popular social media games. First, the game must have chat functionality. While it may seem on the surface as just a way to allow players to speak to each other, in reality, it has two additional driving forces. The first is more robust engagement, and the second is larger communities. To put it simply, if you start playing a game that you enjoy, not only do you interact with others playing the same game, you also invite other online friends to play the new game.

social mobile games are great

Social mobile gamers, according to Cooper DuBois Portland CEO, build robust communities. Group chats, leaderboards, and activity feeds are the types of easy social access gamers appreciate. In today’s digital world, social gamers also enjoy games that can donate to or assist other players. Allowing players to trade or purchase necessary items in the game also helps build revenue. The goal is to have the game be fun enough and the interaction with other players sufficiently seamless that the players will continue to play and constantly invite others to join in.

Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Fun and Adventure in the Pacific Northwest


Cooper DuBois Portland says the best fun and adventures in the Pacific Northwest.
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Cooper DuBois Portland Gold Prospecting Adventure

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social mobile games are great

Gold Prospecting For Fun

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Gold Prospecting For Exercise

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